Section 11: Physical Sciencies

PHYSICS OF THE ALIVE S.Sit'ko, I. Dobronravova

Scientific Research Center "Vidguk", Vladimirskaya St. 61-B Kiev, USSR. 252033

1. Experimental registration of manifestation of the living organisms' characteristic eigen-frequencias in a Bin-range of the waves lengths was an empiric base of dissemination of the discreteness and identity quantum principles upon the alive.

2. It was hypothesized that the alive was the next level of structural organization of matter after a molecular one, i.e. living objects were quantum objects in the same sense as nuclei, atoms, molecules forming the "quantum ladder" steps.

3. The hypothesis became the base of explanation of an extremely high effectiveness of microwave resonance therapy based on revealing of high and frequency-selective sensitivity of a human organism to nun-range electromagnetic fields. When functional disorders take place in the organism an influence by this field upon the biologically active points (the acupuncture points) connected with affected organs by a cartography of the Chinese acupuncture meridians leads to treatment, i.e. to rehabilitation of the organism normal condition and absence of the reaction upon the mentioned above radiation. The main idea of a theoretical basing of the treatment phenomenon consists in rehabilitation of the organism condition as a whole quantum object under the effect of mm-range electromagnetic radiation.

4. The existing possibilities of the reconstruction of the life as the quantum phenomenon are being opened on the base of its reconstruction as the synergetic phenomenon, i.e. as hierarchy of dissipative structures. Non-local self-coordinated electromagnetic potential, being filled by the quantum levels of energy according to the standard rules, is being formed as an attractor by the organism's coherent electromagnetic field.

5. Physics of the alive is being developed as a new physical research program a hard core of which is based on synergetic as well as quantum principles.